PowerPull 500 super magnet, a unique concept

This unique super permanent magnet has an amazing attraction of 500 kg above water. The PowerPull 500 fishing magnet has an outer diameter of 105mm with a core of 90mm and a height of 33,5mm!! This fishing magnet is already heavy by its size and also stable that it works as a vacuum cleaner that pulls all the finds from the bottom. He’ll leave nothing.




  • Extreme attraction of 500 kg (the maximum attraction is achieved by using a clean, flat and highly magnetic material)
  • Extreme diameter of 105mm (90mm core!)
  • Extremely thick magnetic disk (external height: 40mm)
  • Weight without rope 2,5kg
  • Extra thick steel protection (7,5mm) to protect the magnet
  • Including 20 meters rope 10mm thick (high quality, fine in hand)
  • Including manual ‘Successful and responsible magnet fishing and search tips’
  • Including gloves for better grip and protection



The magnet is supplied complete, ready for use, include.

  • high quality rope 20 meters long and 10 mm thick. Do not worry about losing him.
  • a manual for ‘Successful and responsible magnet fishing’, with tips and tricks.
  • gloves for extra grip and protection



The PowerPull super fishing magnets are different than other magnets that are offered elsewhere. It is designed on the basis of the knowledge and experience of the real magnet fishermen. He also finished with durable stainless steel (SS) equipment specifically made for these magnets.

Unfortunately, there are many cheap magnets in circulation that are sold as “super magnets” or “fish magnets”. However, the practice shows that the customer finally buys something he did not want.

It can be a big disappointment if you buy a cheap 130kg ‘magnet’, that can lift maximum 80 kg.

The quantity of neodymium in a low-cost magnet is much lower, so he can lift much less.

A cheap magnet is an expensive purchase!


How to purchase

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